Kennel Unikalus Greitis | Border Collie
Kennel Unikalus Greitis | Border Collie

Diligent and intelligent, Border Collies not only charm with their exceptional intelligence and industriousness but also seem to reveal the extraordinary power and subtlety of the bond between humans and dogs.

Border Collie Rino – Friendly, Playful, and Talented

Meet Rino! He is a special dog who not only possesses friendliness and playfulness but also loves to interact with people. Rino delights those around him with his warm and sincere behavior.

Even now, Rino demonstrates strong herding instincts, making him an excellent fit for working with livestock. However, his abilities don't end there! Rino is highly energetic, making him an ideal choice for any other sport or active endeavor.

If you are looking for a dog that combines friendliness, playfulness, and talent, Rino is exactly the four-legged friend you need.