Education Programs

Welcome to education world designed for both children and adults who want to get to know Border Collies!

During the education programs, you won't just observe and learn – you'll have interactive communication with Border Collies. Additionally, the sheep will be ready not only for photo opportunities but also for you to offer them fresh carrots.

After the sessions, we'll give you the chance to make food in nature as part – whether it's grilling sausages or making marshmallows. It'll be a great opportunity to chat, play, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Join educational program and let us change your day!

During our education programs, you'll not only get acquainted with these amazing dogs but also have a unique opportunity to observe sheep herding sessions up close.

Talented instructor Audronė will showcase professional dog skills through various practical exercises with sheep. Additionally, you'll have the chance to meet alpacas and other farm animals on the farm. It's a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

Education program registration

The duration of the education program is approximately 2 hours, followed by free time.

For a group of up to 15 people - 250 EUR.

Each additional person is +10 EUR