Border Collie Genetiq IQ Hope (Jena Kemi Mike)

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Border Collie Breeder | Border Collie Kennel | Border Collie Puppies

My first Border Collie with whom I began seriously learning sheep herding. Despite making many mistakes in training due to my lack of knowledge and experience, Hope showed remarkable potential and the ability to quickly adapt to new tasks. She grew into an invaluable farm assistant possessing all the qualities necessary for successful work outdoors.

Hope is characterized by a strong character and sturdy build. Her perseverance and determination allow her to efficiently carry out tasks while her sharp gaze, reflecting her intelligence and alertness, enables her to quickly understand instructions and adapt to changing situations.

Despite the early training challenges, Hope proved her unique talent and ability to be an excellent herding partner. She not only learned to perform herding commands but also developed a special bond with the herd animals, who undoubtedly consider her their leader.

Hope is an extraordinary Border Collie who, despite facing obstacles, became an excellent farm assistant and a personal inspiration for me to improve as a dog trainer. She is a dog with great passion, a strong character, and exceptional abilities, which I have been able to reveal and develop throughout our journey together.

Weight: 18kg

Height: 50cm