Border Collie Jazyy Unikalus Greitis Kennel

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Border Collie Breeder | Border Collie Kennel | Border Collie Puppies

The youngest dog in the kennel, which highlights an exceptionally stable character... This little female dog is remarkably stable and unwavering, regardless of environmental changes or even unusual sounds. Her focus on tasks allows her to excellently handle any situation.

This female dog is characterized by a particularly tough and strong character. Despite her youth, she already demonstrates a strong will and determination. These are qualities that make her a reliable partner in various tasks and works with her owner. Her firmness is evident not only in appearance but also in behavior and ability to easily cope with various situations.

Furthermore, this female dog willingly works with her owner. She is characterized by great industriousness and a willingness to cooperate. Her easily manageable character allows the owner to effectively lead and foster mutual understanding. She is ready to learn, pursue goals, and adapt to the owner's instructions.

This young female dog is not only a symbol of stability and strength but also a wonderful family member. Her stability not only helps the owner work with her in herding or other tasks but also allows her to become a reliable and loving life companion. The stable character of this dog is truly a special and valuable trait of the kennel.

Weight: 16kg

Height: 48cm