Borderkolis Jill Unikalus Greitis Kennel

Jill is a special dog, hailing from Sweden, and I am a co-owner with FINN Vallens Kennel. This year, I will be competing with her in herding competitions in the first class. Jill stands out with her light physique, agility, grace, speed, and cunning, reminiscent of a fox, but at the same time, she possesses strength comparable to a lion.

Her agility and speed allow her to elegantly and effectively perform tasks while herding livestock. She is highly intelligent, capable of quickly adapting to changing situations and understanding her owner's desires and commands. She is a dog who, while resembling a fox in her playful manner and ingenuity, becomes a true professional during work.

Jill's strength enables her to withstand the strong gaze of livestock, a necessary trait in herding competitions. She not only performs work functions but also maintains her dignity and authority like a true lion.

Gentle and eager to please her owner, Jill is exceptionally friendly and playful in life. She is not only an excellent working partner but also a loving family member who constantly seeks to be by her owner's side and enjoy quality time together. With such a dog, everyday life becomes not only more interesting but also emotionally richer, as she brings not only professionalism but also warmth into my life.

Weight: 15,5kg

Height: 47cm