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Genetiq Iq Hope hails from Austria. She is a strong farm dog. Her character is described as very strong, resilient, and determined, ideal traits for working with animals. However, at home, she is characterized by a gentle and affectionate demeanor, revealing another aspect of her personality - a family companion.

Her genetic lineage undoubtedly showcases a strong working potential. Her dedication to farm work is evident not only in her endurance but also in her ability to manage sheep and cattle superbly. She becomes a true farm assistant, regardless of the complexity of the tasks.

Emenems Jippo, a Swedish-blooded male dog, is a true talent, ready for both sports and farm work. His participation in competitions and work on the sheep farm marks him as a multifunctional dog with impressive abilities. This male not only injects energy into his owner's life but also shows how young dogs can perfectly combine a working and active lifestyle.

This young male actively participates in competitions, where he demonstrates not only his physical abilities but also excellent cooperation with his owner. The variety of sports, such as agility, obedience, and mantrailing, showcases his ability to adapt to various tasks and challenges. This is a great opportunity for him to express his natural instincts, explore, and, of course, have fun spending time with his owner.

His activity is not limited to sports - this male dog is also an important worker on the sheep farm. His ability to work with animals and insight to acquire practical skills at work mark him as a reliable farm dog. Stability and concentration at work allow him to effectively perform various tasks on the farm, especially working with sheep.

However, this male dog's character is not just about work and sports - he is also very friendly and playful as a family member. His stability and affection are highly valued in family life. This dog becomes an inseparable family friend, whose engaging character positively influences the overall family atmosphere.

This litter, characterized by a combination of various talents and traits, will undoubtedly bring much joy and benefit to their owners.

I am delighted that two of these litter's puppies will work in large cattle farms, while others will participate in agility, obedience, and mantrailing competitions.

Genetiq Iq Hope x Emenems Jippo