Border Collie Mej Unikalus Greitis Kennel

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Border Collie Breeder | Border Collie Kennel | Border Collie Puppies

Blake's sister Mej is an exceptional personality with whom we compete together in "Open Class" competitions. She becomes not only a working category partner but also a close family member who combines a solid build, speed, and strength, along with a strong, yet sensitive soul.

This Border Collie embodies precision and perseverance in work. Her solid build and speed enable her to effectively perform tasks in competitions. She epitomizes the importance of every moment in training and competition.

Mej's strong and tough character is undoubtedly the driving force that allows her to strive for the highest standards and collaborate effectively with her owner. She is ready to overcome challenges and constantly improve her abilities, which helps her greatly in achieving set goals.

Despite these strong traits, Mej is also sensitive and loving. She can sense her owner's moods and responds to subtle emotions. This sensitivity gives her a special charm and makes her not only an excellent working partner but also a loving family member.

This Border Collie combines various qualities, making her not only effectively perform work functions but also become an exceptional companion with a balanced and interesting character. She is easy to love and understand, and at the same time, achieves excellent results in competitions.

Weight: 17kg

Height: 49cm