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Panemunio kaimas 6 Birštono seniūnija

Birštono r. sav. LT-59222

Skambinkite: +37068484569

Rašykite: info@unikalusgreitis.com

Mano gyvenimo kelias - tai nuolatinis atradimų ir meilės mokymasis, vedantis mane pro įvairių veiklų ir ryšių su gyvūnais gausą. Kur susipina ūkininkystės pasaulis, šunų dresūra ir ganymo meno mokytojo vaidmuo. Ir visa tai atspindi mano sielos įsipareigojimą ir pašaukimą.

Keletas atsiliepimų

Two wonderful days of herding clinics with Petra Szarvas. Lot of valuable information gained, to do list has been made.

Petra, huge thank you for everything!

It was so nice to meet you again.

Also I want to say huge thank you to Audronė Pelegrimaitė-Naruševičė for organizing clinics. You are the best

Thanks to other participants for good company and good atmosphere

Will be waiting for next clinics

- Liga Olecte

We checked! And it’s officially confirmed that Camille really does have a herding instinct. FCI NHAT passed. Let’s, keep moving forward!!!

Thanks to the judge Petra Szarvas for compliments on this beauty sheepdog

And big thanks to Audronė Pelegrimaitė-Naruševičė for the great organization and atmosphere

- Agnė Petkevičiūtė

Yesterday, Endless Love Nakties Furija Eli (9 months old), passed natural herding aptitude test (FCI NHAT)

Judge Petra Szarvas

Huge thanks to Audronė Pelegrimaitė-Naruševičė for surch a nice event

- Asta Marčiukaitienė

Two more shelties were added to the herding list today

FCI HWT TS exam was passed with Archie today

Extraordinary achievement to us and congrats Vaidas with same success today

Ačiū Brangioji mūsų trenere, Audrone

- Karolina Čižaitė

Tabata su Rusanda išlaikė ganymo instinkto testą (teisėja Petra Szarvas). Įvertinimas- "really nice work"! Smagus susitikimas su kolegomis, nukirptais avinukais bei alpakomis !

- Gražina Kavalnė

There was a seminar with Petra Szarvas at the farm Kennel Unikalus Greitis in Lithuania.

Everything was great!

The organization deserves special mention. There were only 6 people per day, two long sessions, sometimes for about an hour! It was possible to calmly talk about problems, see them and find solutions.

Nice atmosphere, enthusiastic people, delicious lunches.

And great sheep!

Petra is a very experienced trainer and handler. She quickly saw the problem, where it was coming from and gave very practical advice on how to solve it. She explains and shows well, and participates sincerely in the owner-dog couple.

I took all three of my performing dogs: border collie Loki, aussie Ossie and border collie puppy Fly. I received clear instructions for all of them, some of them coincide with my vision of solving problems, some of them I missed out of focus.

We will continue to work! This seminar gave me that breath of freshness that I had been missing for a long time.

Thanks Petra Szarvas and Audronė Pelegrimaitė-Naruševičė

- Katerina Katusova

Today with Fila we had a great day at herding seminar Thank you Audronė for great seminar and good time with your team Thank you Petra Szarvas for your lessons We are very happy to have opportunity to participate in herding seminars

- Samanta TN